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#SleepyPhilosophy - 5. Love
Saturday, 2 April 2016 | 0 comment[s]

"What is love?"

"A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person." (Dictionary.com) But what's the point of calling it "love" when so many people in this generation get it mixed up with the thing called "lust"?

Awhile ago, my friend told me that she came to the conclusion that lust is just a crush, a short term eye candy that you want. Whereas love is something deeper, something more meaningful. You want to create a future with that person. It's something that you can feel deep in the pits of your body. It's like an exhilaration of emotions whenever you talk to them; it's that shock whenever you touch them; it's that smile on your face whenever you think about them; it's when your heart just swells with this bubbly feeling whenever you see their smile. That, in my opinion, is when you're in love.

But really, no one really "feels love" at the very start of the relationship. It takes perhaps months for it to go from "innocent crush" to "passionate affection". At the beginning of the relationship you haven't developed anything major just yet. Yes, you've entered a commitment with someone but the thing is that you haven't fully determined if they'll turn... "crazy" on you. You've yet to fully find out who that person is. People do have certain standards and when they find out that their current partner doesn't have the qualities that they want then they just... STEREOTYPICALLY lose feelings. They just don't like certain aspects of them so they slowly losing that affection that they held dearly for them.

If you truly love someone you'll accept them wholeheartedly. Flaws and all. Perhaps there will be certain flaws that you can't accept and that's acceptable. That's okay. It's human to dislike things. But if you claim to stop liking a person just because you don't like certain aspects of them... Then you're not in love. Instead of losing feelings maybe you could've reminded them or reprimanded them that what they're doing is bad. Talk to them.

Communication is a vital and the key to a healthy relationship. Just wholeheartedly accepting everything won't allow the relationship to progress and become stronger. It'll just become a standstill where you're just circling the experiences over and over again.

In my opinion, relationships are there to help you grow and develop into a better person. That's why you need to be able to have those necessary fights no matter how awful they are - because those are the things that help us grow.

So basically love is something that we fundamentally need because that is something that makes us human. For each and every person, they interpret it differently so perhaps, their vision of "love" is something different altogether.

All I can say is that "love" is something we should all strive to find one day in our lives.

Requested by Mr. K.